Big data & Hadoop Specialist

The Big data is nothing more than large amount of data. It has been around for around two decades. Big data is huge quantity of data owned by a corporation, obtained and manipulated through some new techniques in order to create valuable layout in the best way possible.


  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Storing Big Data
  • Processing Big Data
  • Tools and Techniques to Analyse Big Data
  • Developing a Big Data Strategy
  • Implementing a Big Data Solution

Data sets that have the potential to grow rapidly need to be convenient. This course provides the knowledge and training to use new Big Data tools and techniques as well as learn ways of storing information that will allow for efficient processing and analysis for informed business decision-making. Further, you study to store, manage, process and analyse massive amounts of unstructured data.

Create data-driven business strategies using Big Data analytics with our Big Data course program. Gain skills in Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, Apache Spark and MongoDB.

Course Duration:

Total duration of the course is 3-4 month.

In order to store and process big data an open-source structure Hadoop can be used. Hadoop can process big data in a distributed environment across set of computers using simple programming models. Hadoop can level up from single servers to hundreads of machines, each will offer local computation and storage. Our courses in Big Data with Hadoop will teach you the concept of Big Data and will practically show how you can use Hadoop framework in distributed environment.

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