Cyber security Specialist

In our comprehensive Cyber Security course program, Learn safety best practices, support IT security programmes and rule with the NIST and IISP Frameworks, or earn CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CASP, or CEH certification.


  • Information security management
  • Network security
  • Security auditing and certification
  • Readings in Computer Science
  • Research methods and professional issues
  • Cryptography

You can get a role of cyber security professionals, prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts, cyber security experts and cyber industry professionals.

With the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, cyber culture is rising more rapidly than cyber security. Everything that depends on cyberspace is potentially at risk. Private data, intellectual property, cyber infrastructure, and even military and national security can be compromised by deliberate attacks, inadvertent security lapses, and the vulnerabilities of a relatively immature, unregulated global Internet. Working hand-in-hand with member firm clients, Student Shelter In Computers helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to tie together the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase mission performance, and improve customer support, without compromising security or privacy.

Course Duration:

Total duration of the course is 3-4 month.

We provide a comprehensive range of integrated cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities, and respond to incidents and crises. Our services are planned to help you build confidence, understand your threats and vulnerabilities, and secure your environment. Our cyber security service delivery team includes incident response, legal, risk, technology and change management specialists.

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lab facility

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