Advance English Program

The ADVANCED English course is planned for our most advanced people. You will be capable to recognize structured and coherent texts and communicate easily with native people.

  • Compound words with some
  • Compound words with any
  • Compound words with no
  • Compound words with very
  • The pronoun one
  • The adverb else
  • Expressions of frequency in English
  • Impersonal sentences with it I
  • Impersonal sentences with it II
  • I also like it, me too, so do I
  • I don’t like it either, neither do I
  • Why don’t …?
  • Past Continuous
  • The Gerund in English
  • The Gerund after prepositions
  • The Gerund after verbs
  • The Gerund after a verb + a preposition
  • The Gerund after an adjective + a preposition
  • The Gerund with to do
  • To do versus to make
  • To go followed by a preposition
  • etc

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Lab Facility

lab facility

Small size class


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