Beginner English Program

The BEGINNERS English course is planned for beginners: students who have never studied english before or who have a basic plan but also great insecurity about their understanding. When you end this stage you will be able to sense more confident when having everyday conversations, by improving your grammar skills, increasing your vocabulary and specially working from the very first moment.

    • pronouns & verb
    • Contractions with  the verb
    • Articles and plurals
    • How to greet people
    • The English alphabet and spelling
    • How to tell the time
    • Days, months, ordinal numbers and dates
    • How to speak on the mobile phone
    • How to ask for confirmation with the verb
    • Classifying verbs
    • Simple Present
    • The verb to do as an auxiliary
    • Adverbs of frequency
    • To like
    • Questions making
    • prepositions
    • etc


Program Highlights





Lab Facility

lab facility

Small size class


Study materials


Good Facilities

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