Business Communication

How one communicates in the job environment goes a long way in predicating their future in the business. This is a must for determined youngsters who are on the make. Anyone who has undergone this course will be able to speak verbally, non-verbally and in writing with such plan that they could fast track their career growth.

English used in the work surroundings, idiomatic phrases and vocabulary specific to each department, email, compilation and writing. how to receive and make company calls over telephone, writing reports, memos, business plans and official letters, body language, public speaking, assertiveness and presentation skills.

Hands on practice of each element with scores of writing exercises and presentation modules, video clippings and actual preparation of business plans, reports and presentations.

Course Duration:

Total duration of the course is 3-4 month.

  • Executives and Managers who wish to have that cutting edge when it comes to business communication.
  • Corporate houses who wish to hone these skills in their personnel. Each element that goes into Business Communication can be culled and offered as separate short modules.

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Lab Facility

lab facility

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