Intermediate English Program

The INTERMEDIATE English course is planned for people who previously have a little knowledge in English. When you end this level you will be able of telling situations and events, writing texts and coping with rational language. You will know how to explain aspects of your past and your surroundings and communicate quite confidently.

  • Modal verb
  • Can: questions, requests and asking for permission
  • Formal requests – Could you …?, May I …?
  • Requests and questions with modal verbs
  • Must and to have to
  • Questions with must and to have to
  • Negative sentences with must, should, …
  • The conditional with the present
  • The conditional with the future
  • Substitutes for will – can, must, may, might
  • Substitutes for if – unless, in case, …
  • The Simple Past of to be in the affirmative
  • The Simple Past of to be in the negative
  • The Simple Past of to be in questions and answers
  • The Simple Past of there is – there are
  • Regular verbs in English
  • The Simple Past of regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs in English
  • The Simple Past of irregular verb
  • The Simple Past in negative sentences and questions
  • The Simple Past of the verb can
  • The Simple Past of the verb to have to
  • How to ask for confirmation in the past

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Small size class


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